eSkootr Championships 2022 - S01:E05 - What is eSkootr? eSkootr Championships 2022 - S01:E05 - What is eSkootr?

eSkootr Championships 2022 - S01:E05 - What is eSkootr?


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Episode 05 - What is eSkootr?

1 Min 58 Sec
The sport explained.

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Episode 04 - The S1-x

2 Min 41 Sec
How the electric scooter is built

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Episode 03 - London Event Presentation

5 Min 04 Sec
London Event Presentation

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Episode 02 - eSkootr Race Format

1 Min 19 Sec
The tournament and races format are being explained in this video of eSkootr.

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Episode 07 - Sion, Switzerland, Event Promo

1 Min 30 Sec
The eSkootr Championship races into Sion, Switzerland, for the second round of the inaugural eSC season. Hot on the trail of the Championship opener in London two weeks ago, the 30 eSC riders will race around a purpose-built track winding through the heart of the picturesque Swiss city. Thousands of spectators will crowd into the city centre to watch the free event and many more can tune in on TV and live streaming on the App. The eSkootr Championship races form part of the International Transition Festival held in Sion from May 24-29 which celebrates the move towards a more sustainable society, focusing on a variety of themes from daily life including mobility and transportation.

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Episode 01 - 12 April 2022

26 Min 30 Sec
eSC is creating a new movement in sport, a sport with purpose and real world relevance at its heart.

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Episode 10 - Round 4 France

48 Min 00 Sec
Each race weekend starts with all riders competing in a series of heats. 24 riders will qualify and advance to the quarter finals, with the top three from each quarter final to the semis. Then, the top three from each semi final will make up the grid for the deciding race – the final.

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Episode 09 - Round 3 France

48 Min 00 Sec
No Episode Description available.

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Episode 08 - 5 June 2022 Preview Show 3

52 Min 05 Sec
This episode of the eSkootr Preview Show has all the highlights from the Sion race in Switzerland

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Episode 06 - Preview Show 2

52 Min 50 Sec
The second episode of the preview shows resumes the London race of this great championship.

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