Alaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots - S01:E01 - Meet Island Air Alaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots - S01:E01 - Meet Island Air

Alaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots - S01:E01 - Meet Island Air

Thousands of outdoor adventure seekers flock to Kodiak Island to experience the wilds of Alaska through hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing expeditions, and Island Air Service makes those once-in-a-lifetime quests a reality. Flying in fog, rain, snow or sleet and moving outdoorsmen, locals, supplies and materials to the farthest corners of the island, It's all in a day's run for a Kodiak bush pilot and the staff and crew of Island Air.

Cast: Ben Haug, Erik Howard, Rider (narrator), Peter Rosendahl, Bob Stanford

2015 • Unrated •

Episodes in Season 1

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Episode 01 - Meet Island-Air

22 Min 47 Sec
Alaskan bush pilots risk everything to save hunters struggling to stay alive in a remote area of Kodiak.

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Episode 02 - Fight or Flight

22 Min 45 Sec
While on a routine sightseeing flight, a massive storm has the pilots fighting to keep their passengers safe.

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Episode 03 - Deadman's Survival

22 Min 45 Sec
Island Air battles time and the elements, to rescue a group trapped in Deadman's Bay.

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Episode 04 - Desperate Times

22 Min 49 Sec
Island Air drops off a group of desperate hunters in the heart of the bush as a deep freeze hits Kodiak.

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Episode 05 - Risky Business

22 Min 43 Sec
Pilot Peter Rosendahl combats gail force wind and choppy seas while taxiing a group of hunters to a floating lodge.

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Episode 06 - Training Day

22 Min 11 Sec
Island Air is the lifeline to many in Kodiak. Sometimes the violent weather prevents the planes from landing so Erik takes the day to teach Pete how to use the camera hatch for a little target practice.

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Episode 07 - Surf's Up

22 Min 46 Sec
Rough seas have a couple of surfers turning to Island Air for an adventure of a life time.

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Episode 08 - Closing Time

22 Min 46 Sec
An unexpected storm leaves Island Air struggling to pull their planes for mandatory maintenance.

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