Carter's W.A.R. - S02:E01 - At All Costs Carter's W.A.R. - S02:E01 - At All Costs

Carter's W.A.R. - S02:E01 - At All Costs

Director: Tom Dooley
Cast: Ivan Carter

USA • 2015 • Unrated • IMDB 7.8

Episodes in Season 2

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Episode 01 - At All Costs

42 Min 59 Sec
Ivan goes on a journey to save his friend's nineteen rhinos from the poaching epidemic now sweeping through South Africa. The solution: a logistical nightmare of transporting the entire herd to a secure location 600 miles across the country.

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Episode 02 - The Heart of the Conflict

42 Min 05 Sec
Investigating a string of murdered lions, Ivan gets to the very heart of an ancient conflict between humans and lions. The outcome will test Ivan's own core values about cultural

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Episode 03 - One Rhino at a Time

42 Min 04 Sec
While visiting a secret orphanage that cares for rescued baby rhinos, Ivan discovers the blood, sweat, tears that goes into saving this endangered species. An emergency phone call sends him on an adventure with a group of local heroes to save the next newly orphaned rhino.

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Episode 04 - Elephant Country

42 Min 01 Sec
Ivan joins the foremost anti-poaching team in Mozambique to bring down one particular group of poachers who have been killing local elephants for their ivory.

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Episode 05 - Capturing the Wild

42 Min 03 Sec
After seeing the disappearance of wildlife in northern Africa, Ivan joins an elite capture team to see how wildlife is captured, bought, and sold. This 'Wildlife Trade' is a ground breaking business model that could change the entire face of conservation in Africa.

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Episode 06 - On the Frontline

42 Min 01 Sec
From rhino saviors and lion researchers, to savvy entrepreneurs and armed security teams, Ivan tours the front lines of conservation to meet the individuals who are reshaping and protecting wild Africa. What does it really mean to devote your life to the cause of conservation? Ivan journeys to four separate countries to find out what makes these unsung heroes tick.

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Episode 07 - Sold into Slavery

42 Min 06 Sec
Ivan is investigating the illegal trade of bush meat in Kinshasa, when he stumbles upon three captive baby chimpanzees being sold on the black market. A dramatic rescue is planned that sees the chimps safely delivered to a place dedicated to providing a better future for all primates in Africa.

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Episode 08 - The Forgotten Giants

42 Min 03 Sec
Not all poaching is for horns and tusks. In many parts of poverty-stricken Africa, giraffes are killed mercilessly for their meat. Ivan joins a specialized team in exploring radical solutions to both save the giraffe and provide food to communities in need.

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