Desperate Hours - S01:E01 - Volcanoes Desperate Hours - S01:E01 - Volcanoes

Desperate Hours - S01:E01 - Volcanoes

Director: Bettina Dalton, Max Serio
Cast: Lee Perry, Tumi Gudmundsson, Thor Thordarson

Czech Republic • 2016 • Unrated • IMDB 6.2

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Episode 01 - Volcanoes

27 Min 42 Sec
The Greatest Show on Earth is also the most ferocious. Desperate Hours looks at the destructive force of volcanoes and examines the eruptions in Montserrat which devastated half a Caribbean Island, the 1973 eruption on the Icelandic island of Heimaey, the 2010 eruption Eyjafjallajökull which blocked air travel in Europe, the Merapi eruption in Indonesia, and Mount Nyiragongo in Congo, and the super-volcano in Yellowstone.

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Episode 02 - Earthquake

26 Min 00 Sec
When the Earth really moves, it means disaster on an epic scale. Desperate Hours looks at the destructive force of earthquakes and looks at the 2015 Kathmandu earthquake in Nepal, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China where an estimated 10,000 children were trapped in collapsed school buildings, a 1960 Puerto Mont earthquake in Chile,010 Port-au-Princ earthquake in Haiti, and the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan.

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Episode 03 - Epidemic

26 Min 10 Sec
Desperate Hours looks at major epidemics including the African Ebola outbreak in Sudan which eventually led to cases in the United State and England, the Indian Smallpox outbreak in Bihar, the African Cholera outbreak, the SARS outbreak in Guanghzhou China, and the Bird Flu of Hong Kong.

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Episode 04 - Wind

26 Min 11 Sec
Desperate Hours looks at the destructive power of wind. From the devastating power of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to the destructive Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the 1960 storm Hurricane Donna in Florida, Tornado Joplin in Missouri, and Hurricane Sandy in New York.

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Episode 05 - Fire

26 Min 02 Sec
The blazing terror of a fire can match anything in creation for sheer menace. Desperate Hours looks at the destructive force of fires including the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria Australia, the Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island, the L'Innovation Department Store fire in Brussels Belgium, the Armoury fire in Lagos Nigeria, and the Binhai New Development Zone Fire in Tianjin China.

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Episode 06 - Flood

26 Min 04 Sec
When the levee breaks, the stuff really hits the fan…. Desperate Hours looks at some of the most devastating floods in history including the flood of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, the Louisiana floods in the United States, the Hamburg floods in Germany, the Uttarakhand floods in North India, and the Indian Ocean tsunami in Southeast Asia.

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Episode 07 - Geological Disasters

26 Min 05 Sec
Sometimes, all that it takes is a shift underfoot…. Desperate Hours looks at major geological disasters including avalanches in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Peru, and France. It also looks at geological landslides in the Philippines, India and Columbia and an enormous sinkhole that consumed a pond in Bosnia. It also looks at Blizzards in the United States, Israel, and United Kingdom.

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Episode 08 - Nuclear Industrial

26 Min 57 Sec
When humans are a serious danger to themselves... Desperate Hours looks at nuclear and industrial disasters including the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Japan, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Ukraine, the Deepwater Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Savar Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, and the Bhopal Gas disaster in India.

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Episode 09 - Disaster at Sea

26 Min 06 Sec
Seafaring is a dangerous business indeed…… Desperate Hours looks at major disasters on the high seas including the Sewol Ferry disaster in South Korea, the Ferry Estonia in the Baltic Sea, the sinking of the Titanic, the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound Alaska, the Express Samina in Portes Islets, pirates attacking the Maersk Alabama and Seabourn Spirit, and the Costa Concordia in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Episode 10 - Disaster in the Air

26 Min 15 Sec
Where the black box is the only story teller……Airplane crashes are most people’s worst nightmares. Desperate Hours looks at major disasters in aviation history including Malaysia Airlines MH17 and MH370, Air France Flight 447, Germanwings Flight 9525, the Tenerife airport disaster, the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters, the 2015 Sumatra Indonesian Air Force C-130 crash, the 1997 Irkutsk Antonov An-124 crash, and the Concorde Flight 4590 crash.

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Episode 11 - Road and Rail Disasters

26 Min 12 Sec
Buckle up and stay vigilant…… Desperate Hours looks at road and train accidents including the Spanish train accident in Santiago De Compostella, a road accident in Pakistan, an oil truck crash in Nigeria that killed 96 people, the Queen of the Sea train accident in Sri Lanka, accidents caused by fog in Italy and the UK, an one hundred vehicle accident on the A1 Motorway in Austria, a road accident in Mexico, and an Amtrak accident in the United States.

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Episode 12 - Environmental Disaster

26 Min 06 Sec
Better safe than sorry…… Desperate Hours takes a look at the Kyoto Protocol and the danger of rising sea levels. The programme looks at the causes of environmental disasters including landfill waste, the great Pacific Garbage Patch, oil spills, air pollution, and the destruction of the rain forest as well as the destructive effects of environmental disasters including ozone depletion and rising temperatures in the arctic.

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Episode 13 - Desperate World

27 Min 30 Sec
Desperate Hours examines some of the worst of the worst disasters in the world. It looks at the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland, earthquakes in Nepal. epidemics like Ebola and SARS, the Binhai New Development Zone fire in China, Hurricane Sandy in New York, the southeast Asia Indian Ocean Tsunami, a destructive sinkhole in Bosnia, the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster, the Bhopal gas disaster, the Exxon Valdez crash in Alaska, and traffic and airplane accidents.

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