Savage Wild - S05:E01 - Wildest Chase for Wild Boar Savage Wild - S05:E01 - Wildest Chase for Wild Boar

Savage Wild - S05:E01 - Wildest Chase for Wild Boar

Cast: Manny Puig

USA • 2013 • Unrated • IMDB 9.1

Episodes in Season 5

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Episode 01 - Wildest Chase for Wild Boar

22 Min 10 Sec
Manny is in the Florida woods hunting wild boar with his spears.

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Episode 02 - The Island Boar

22 Min 09 Sec
Manny embarks on a hunting adventure for wild boar on a small island in the middle of a Florida lake.

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Episode 03 - Wild Boar the Hard Way

22 Min 07 Sec
It's another day in the Florida woods with God's Country Outfitters hunting ferocious wild boar.

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Episode 04 - Handcatching Fish in the Dark

22 Min 18 Sec
Manny enters a dark world to hand catch Florida's largest freshwater fish.

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Episode 05 - The Clewiston Terror

22 Min 03 Sec
A huge wild boar is terrorizing farm workers in Clewiston, Florida. Manny is called to bring the hog to justice.

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Episode 06 - Wild Boar Naples

22 Min 03 Sec
Manny is on a spot and stalk hunt for feral hogs with his trident spear.

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Episode 07 - Slaying the Port Labelle Monster

22 Min 17 Sec
Manny tangles with a monster hog in the dense woods of Port Labelle.

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Episode 08 - Save a Watermelon Kill a Boar Part 1

22 Min 02 Sec
Manny tracks down a boar raiding watermelon fields in southwestern Florida.

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Episode 09 - Save a Watermelon Kill a Boar Part 2

22 Min 02 Sec
After slaying a monster boar, Manny heads back into the forest and goes toe to toe with an even bigger boar.

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Episode 10 - How to Stop a Charging Wild Boar

22 Min 08 Sec
In this episode of Savage Wild, we're headed into the palmettos with Full Rut Outfitters in search of wild boar.

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