Survival Science - S01:E01 - Lost! Survival Science - S01:E01 - Lost!

Survival Science - S01:E01 - Lost!

Cast: Laura Schara, Nick Mundt,

USA • 2017 • Unrated •

Episodes in Season 1

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Episode 01 - Lost!

21 Min 53 Sec
Nick and Laura subject themselves to intense survival training with the Survival Training School of California deep in the mountains.

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Episode 02 - Sniper Science

21 Min 00 Sec
Nick and Laura explore the variety of skills that military snipers use: marksmanship, long range shooting, detection, stalking, camouflage, infiltration, special reconnaissance and target acquisition.

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Episode 03 - Surviving a Bear Attack

21 Min 54 Sec
Nick and Laura test the power and speed of grizzly bears using Hollywood stunt tools to experience an attack. Also: an attempt to recreate an arrow shot that saved a man from a bear attack.

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Episode 04 - Surviving a Mountain Lion Attack

20 Min 05 Sec
Laura and Nick break down the behaviors, strength, eyesight and speed of mountain lions through experiments and explore techniques to deal with these apex predators.

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Episode 05 - Surviving a Lightning Strike

21 Min 53 Sec
Laura and Nick determine the power lightning has and how it behaves at a state-of-the-art Direct Effects Lightning Test Lab. They provide advice for hunters and fishermen to protect themselves from it.

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Episode 06 - ATV Accidents

21 Min 49 Sec
Laura and Nick rig up some dramatic, high-speed tests of ATVs to see how accidents happen and what to do to protect from harm.

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Episode 07 - Treestand Accidents

21 Min 52 Sec
Exploring why treestand accidents happen and how to prevent them.

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Episode 08 - Surviving Nature's Fury

21 Min 53 Sec
Nick Mundt and Laura Schara experience Nature’s fury through storm amazing generating gear that simulates terrible hurricanes, ice cold winds and even tornados. For these experiments they’ll use remarkable technology that creates massive storms on Hollywood sets.

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