Fight to Survive - S03:E01 - Nightmare Canyon Part 1 Fight to Survive - S03:E01 - Nightmare Canyon Part 1

Fight to Survive - S03:E01 - Nightmare Canyon Part 1


USA • 2015 • Unrated • IMDB 6.1

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Episode 01 - Nightmare Canyon Part 1

22 Min 05 Sec
Justin and Jeremy Harris' weekend decent into a remote Utah canyon becomes a survival nightmare when Justin severely breaks his leg. As night fast approaches and temperatures drop below freezing, how will these two brothers survive?

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Episode 02 - Nightmare Canyon Part 2

22 Min 50 Sec
Part 2: Justin and Jeremy Harris's climbing weekend has resulted in serious jeopardy for the brothers. With Justin totally incapacitated when he breaks his leg it is up to Jeremy to go it alone and try and raise help. As night falls and temperatures drop to freezing time is critical if the brothers are to survive.

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Episode 03 - Under the Desert Sun

22 Min 13 Sec
Ed Rosenthal set out for a short hike in Joshua Tree National Park, but in the heat of the day he became turned around and lost. His six-day ordeal of survival in blazing temperatures with no food or water is nothing short of miraculous.

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Episode 04 - Treestand Nightmare

22 Min 59 Sec
When avid bow hunter, Dr. Joe Baumgardner sets out to do routine maintenance on his tree stands, a twenty two foot fall leaves him with a severely broken leg and miles from help in the deep Mississippi woods.

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Episode 05 - Crushed by a Boulder Part 1

22 Min 57 Sec
While solo climbing Mt. Goddard, a remote peak in the California Sierra, Gregg Hein's leg is crushed by a boulder and he's sent careening down the mountain. Barely able to stop his fall, he's now faced with a horrific compound fracture.

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Episode 06 - Crushed by a Boulder Part 2

22 Min 00 Sec
After his leg is crushed by a boulder, Gregg Hein is stranded on a high Sierra peak with an infected compound fracture. Knowing he won't be reported missing for days, Gregg attempts to crawl off the mountain and rescue himself.

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Episode 07 - Iraqi Sniper Attack

22 Min 57 Sec
On deployment in Anbar Province, Marine Corp Master Sergeant Buck Doyle throws himself in harms way to save a fallen comrade from an Iraqi sniper and becomes a target himself.

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Episode 08 - Lightning Strike

22 Min 58 Sec
A bass fishing trip goes horribly wrong when a bolt of lightning strikes their boat, leaving Seventeen-year-old Christian Neal burned and unconscious and his father Gabe blown into the water and paralyzed. It will take a miracle to save them.

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Episode 09 - Mountain Lion Attack

22 Min 00 Sec
Marine Anne Hjelle was mountain biking when she was ripped off her bike by a mountain lion. Anne fought back even as the big cat shredded her face in its jaws. Surviving the attack was only the beginning of Anne's incredible fight to survive.

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Episode 10 - Soul of a Survivor

23 Min 07 Sec
Craig DeMartino examines the stories of other survivors he's met across the season. Their survival stories are all different, but Craig discovers that these survivors share more in common than you might think.

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