Fight to Survive - S02:E01 - After the Fall Fight to Survive - S02:E01 - After the Fall

Fight to Survive - S02:E01 - After the Fall


USA • 2014 • Unrated • IMDB 6.1

Episodes in Season 2

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Episode 01 - After the Fall

22 Min 10 Sec
A rock-climbing disaster hurtles climber Craig DeMartino 100 feet down a granite cliff. A shattered heap of broken bones, Craig clings to life. In a split second, Craig's life becomes an inspiring fight to survive.

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Episode 02 - A River's Grasp

22 Min 11 Sec
In an isolated mountain river, Fisherman Dean Ririe becomes hopelessly trapped under a boulder in water up to his neck. In icy waters that should kill a man, Dean fights for his life miles from help.

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Episode 03 - ATV Nightmare

22 Min 12 Sec
A father and son camping trip turns into a desperate fight to survive when John Sloot is crushed under an ATV. Now his 10 year-old son, Cody must brave the wilderness alone to get help.

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Episode 04 - Trapped in a Glacier

22 Min 14 Sec
While hiking alone deep in Glacier National Park, Ted Porter plummets into an icy glacial crevasse. With a broken back and miles from anyone, he must fight to survive.

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Episode 05 - Stranded in the Alaska Wilderness Part 1

22 Min 55 Sec
Hunters Adrian Knopps and Garrett Hagen venture into the remotest part of Alaska's Misty Fjord, hunting Moose and Bear. After a successful hunt Adrian finds himself trapped by a twenty foot tidal surge after Garrett fails to return with the skiff.

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Episode 06 - Stranded in the Alaska Wilderness Part 2

22 Min 54 Sec
After a successful hunt., Adrian Knopps' hunting partner disappears taking their bear out to the boat. Now Adrian finds himself stranded on a tidal flat surround by bears and wolf packs and with massive storm bearing down on him. How will he survive?

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Episode 07 - The Journal

22 Min 09 Sec
Pastor Mike Turner is on a solo hike across the continental divide in the unforgiving Wind Rivers Range of Wyoming when he becomes hopelessly trapped under a boulder. He chronicles his grueling 11-day fight to survive in his own journal.

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Episode 08 - Tree Stand Fall

22 Min 19 Sec
Deer hunter Nathan Holcomb plummets from his tree stand. Every hunters' worst nightmare becomes Nathan's reality. With a broken back and paralyzed, Nathan must crawl out on his own to find help.

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Episode 09 - Adrift Part 1

22 Min 08 Sec
In what is regarded as one of greatest survival stories of the 20th Century, sailor Steven Callahan finds himself alone and adrift in a life raft after his boat, the Napoleon Solo sinks in the mid Atlantic.

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Episode 10 - Adrift Part 2

22 Min 04 Sec
Facing starvation, dehydration and predators from the deep, sailor Steven Callahan fights to survive not only the physical hardships, but also the mental and emotional strain of being adrift and alone in a disintegrating life raft.

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